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Availability: Unit Left on Sale Today!

Certified Anti-Static Protective Floor Mat

– Anti-static prevents shocks
– Protects motors and parts
– Extends Equip life/Adds safety

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The lifetime extended warranty covers such items as drive motors and magnetic drive systems which requires that a 24hourfitdeals Certified Anti-Static Protective Floor Mat be placed under the equipment. If this approved mat is not placed under the equipment, carpet fibers, moisture, dog and cat hair, debris, and dust can get sucked up into the motor housing and cause damage. If this approved “Certified” mat is not placed under the equipment at all times, it could potentially void the lifetime warranty. The additional benefits of the “Certified” protective floor mat are as follows: prevents static electricity, keeps dust and debris out of the motors and electronics, protects your floor, adds more shock absorption, dampens sound, extends the life your equipment, adds safety and adds aesthetics.


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