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Our industry-leading Lifetime Part Warranty is a $2,000 value and covers every part on all equipment for the entire life of the product, with no exlcusions. During big Sale promotions, we may offer the Lifetime Part Warranty for FREE! Lifetime Part Warranty is transferrable for resale which preserves the highest resale value. Brand new in factory sealed box products are manufactured with the objective of being assembled by the average customer who has no experience assembling fitness equipment and only requires partial or standard assembly, most are quite basic, manufacturer’s owner’s manuals are provided with step by step instructions. In-home/office installation including up or downstairs and assembly is available for a reasonable fee, ask your Fitness Expert or Support Specialist for a competitive quote or you can have a friend, family member, neighbor, maintenance person, local moving company, or day laborers at Home Depot/Loew’s assist at reasonable fees. We work with many of the top freight carriers who often upgrade delivery from curbside to the closest covered area to the front of the home or business such as a garage or porch. Customers may ask the driver if they can help deliver the product as close as possible to the room of choice, a tip may be helpful in motivating the driver which is at the driver’s sole discretion, otherwise, if customer does not have access to anyone to help carry product to room of choice, technicians, installers are available in every zip code nationwide and we will be happy to provide a competitive quote. Long driveways, steep hills, cul de sacs, low hanging telephone lines, canopy trees, and other possible obstructions may require a smaller truck from the carrier, if available, or if delivery restrictions prohibit a truck from typical deliveries, customer also has the option to meet the truck at a mutually agreed upon location such as at the end of their driveway, gas station, freight terminal, etc. to transfer equipment to a pick up truck or van or the product can be picked up at the freight terminal. These scenarios are extremely rare. Special delivery and/or inside installation requests must be stated at the time of sale. Additional cost may apply. The majority of “Certified Like New” products are shipped predominantly assembled. Certain parts and fragile components such as electronic consoles and protruding parts may be removed and packaged/protected separately to minimize risk of freight damage and ensure safe delivery. There is one delivery lead time for the entire nation, including the furthest most remote cities such as South Florida, South Texas, North Eastern, and North Western corners of the country, giving consideration to increased shipping volume periods during holidays and other major events, extreme seasonal weather conditions across the nation that may affect trucks traversing back and forth across the nation, is approximately 14-28 business days on average for new products. “Certified Like New” equipment orders go through a very meticulous “Certification” process to ensure the highest quality and take up to approximately 30 business days on average if no parts are required. If any parts that affect the performance of the product, even if minor wear, are replaced at no cost to the customer and lead time is up to approximately 45 business days on average to ensure the product arrives in absolutely perfect condition. Free Shipping is transported on Consolidated, LTL, or Private Freight Carriers. We pay most of our carriers an additional fee for our Premium Grade Delivery Service to enhance customer’s experience by providing a pre-call appointment to deliver on customer’s most convenient requested day after the order arrives at the local freight terminal. Average delivery times based on the above means, for example, perhaps a closer delivery destination or other factors may result in arrival approximately 7 business days prior to the approximate lead time ranges stated above and another delivery may be further away or other factors may result in arrival approximately 7 business days after the approximate lead times stated above with our overall delivery averages striving to fall within the ranges above.

It is imperative that all cancellation requests are made by in writing by emailing Sales@eFitDirect.com and Support@eFitDirect.com then call 800-548-0119 ext. 1 Sales to inform every department in the company so work ceases and expenses do not continue to accrue such as credit card, eCheck or Financing fees, etc., processing fees, admin fees, labor fees, shipping fees, storage fees, etc. We offer the most generous Money Back Guarantee/Trial Offer in the fitness industry. Customer may try and return the product within the first 60-days following receipt, not from the order date, and must be in the original box and packaging. We also offer Zero Risk Free “Return” Shipping to demonstrate our confidence in our products and our family business’s deep commitment to customer satisfaction. To qualify for our Trial Offer, customer must simply try the product at least one time or up to 60 full days and send a picture using the product and we will generously refund the product cost and pay the return freight. Customer is responsible for a 20% cancellation/restocking fee. Products that are not in original packaging are not eligible for return.

Customer understands that there are optional items that they may order an additional fee but are not required including but not limited to lifetime preventive maintenance packages, lifetime labor, protective floor mats, inside delivery, etc. All products and services are itemized on every invoice and if an item is not documented then it is not included and customer has not been charged for it. If you wish to add any of these or other optional items to your order, please ask your sales rep for a quote.

I understand that exercise, training and using fitness equipment are potentially hazardous activities. I further understand that these activities involve risks of injury, aggravation of pre-existing conditions, and in the most severe and extreme situations, even death. Furthermore, I acknowledge that exercise on the body cannot be predicted with complete accuracy and that changes may occur during or following exercise that could lead to these complications and adversely affect my health. These changes may include high blood pressure, increased heart rate, altered heart function, and possibly, again in rare instances, cardiac complications. I am voluntarily purchasing this equipment with the intent to use it with the full knowledge and understanding of the potential dangers. I am also advised that a comprehensive medical examination from an accredited medical professional is necessary before using the equipment and machinery and that a consultation with a physician is also essential to determine what he recommends and/or prescribes for physical activities, exercises, training, and programs. I acknowledge that I have either had a physical examination within the last month or that I have voluntarily decided to assume all responsibility and liability for using the equipment I am purchasing and forever hold eFitDirect.com harmless against any liability whatsoever. I have been informed of the following notice: “If you are currently under a physician’s care for an injury, condition or illness, efitdirect.com., located in Los Angeles CA, strongly urges you to consult your physician before performing any exercises with the equipment you have purchased.” I further declare that I am physically fit, sound, and not suffering from any condition, impairment, disability, disease, infirmity, or illness that should cause or prevent my participation in any program and the use of any exercise equipment. I assume all risks involved in all exercises, training, activities, and programs that I do with the equipment I have purchased. I also waive and release, now and forever, all claims and causes of action against efitdirect.com, its elected or appointed officers, agents, volunteers, employees, representatives, consultants, executors, and all others directly or indirectly connected with efitdirect.com and Parties from any damages, actions, claims and liabilities, whether known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, suspected or unsuspected, relating to or arising from any activity, personal injury I sustain including death, any medical condition which results, any aggravation of a pre-existing medical condition that I aggravate, and any and all other damages which I sustain in any way from the direct or indirect result of my activities, exercise, and training using the equipment I have purchased. I agree that I will never prosecute or in any way aid in pursuing any demand, claim or suit against efitdirect.com.com for any damage, or injury to my person or property that may occur from and/or cause whatsoever as a result of my use of the fitness equipment I have purchased. I further agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend efitdirect.com and each of the other Released Parties from and against any loss, damage, liability, and expense, including costs and attorneys fees, incurred by efitdirect.com or any of the other Released Parties as a result of my using the equipment I have purchased. I agree that laws of the State of California shall govern the rights and obligations of the parties to this Release and the interpretation, construction, and enforceability thereof. I agree that any lawsuit brought against any Released Parties shall be brought solely in any State or Federal court located in Los Angeles County, California. I further agree that in the event any provision of this Release is found to be, by a court or other legal authority of competent jurisdiction, to be invalid or otherwise unenforceable, that the remaining provisions shall remain to be valid and enforceable to the fullest. This release is a binding legal contract.

If customer cancels order and fails to pay cancel fees as agreed above, customer hereby agrees to pay all legal and collection fees, court costs, interest, penalties, and storage fees of product at the rate of $50 per day until all cancellation, legal, and collection fees are paid in full. Policies may be periodically updated. Your Free Sale Upgrades ‘Registration Form’ will be activated and emailed to you shortly, typically between 8am and 2pm pst the same or next business day of your order placement. HealthCare International (HCI) products are often used by medical facilities and patients and must meet more stringent requirements than other fitness equipment. If a product is returned, it must perform like new as it will likely be sold as a returned demo unit to a medical facility or patient treating a medical issue. Therefore, we extend a 30-day return period for HeathCare International (HCI) products. I have read, understand, and agree to adhere to the above Policies.